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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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arms. at one point, she clears the table walking over to the trash can. this time she returns to the table. but just moments later, she again steps just behind the mother's back and this time she bolts. rushing away with the baby in her arms, the mother on the phone back still turned. cameras captured her racing through the mall. past these escalators. then up the stairs. within minutes, cameras captured amore walking out of the mall. this still frame shared thousands of times that day on social media. amoore walked to her car and simply drove away with someone else's child. of course, the video we just showed you is edited down by police but all together we're told the entire kidnapping took only minutes from the food court out to the car and then right off of mall park property. keith and denise, it's frightening. >> terrifying. the fact it would happen that quickly so nonsha laulant walks
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of the pal. the mother of a 3-year-old boy who got into the cincinnati zoo's gorilla exhibit will not be charged. the incident resulted in the shooting of the endangered gorilla to protect the little l boy. today prosecutors said the child's mother and three other kids with her and she was attending to them when the 3-year-old just scampered off. the boy apparently climbed over the outer barrier before falling some 15 feet into a shallow mote. the boy's family is pleased with the prosecutor's decision. they released a statement that reads in part "this is one more step in allowing us to put this tragic episode behind us and return to our normal family life." new information now in the murder of a 78-year-old neigh r neighborhood handyman beaten and strangled inside his home. police say the killer is a ta teenager. police are looking for clark who they say broke into the man's
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home last week. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters with the new developments. monique? >> reporter: hi, denise. police tell us the suspect is from southwest philadelphia. he knew the victim. and he was also known by police. >> we actually found his van up in the northeast. as a result of that, we saw some video of one of the doers. >> reporter: homicide detecters knew joseph daley's missing blue van would lead hem to his k killer. this is the man they want, 18-year-old clark. >> he was seen getting out of the victim's van. we had a couple people come forward and put him inside the house at the time of the murder. >> reporter: police also say 78-year-old daley was found dead in a pool of blood last tuesday when officers responded to a wellbeing check. he'd been beaten and strangled here inside his theodore street home. tonight a warrant has been issued for the suspect's arrest. >> he should be considered armed and dangerous. he is known to police.
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he does have some priors in his background. i believe burglary and some more violent things in his past. so we really want to get him off the streets. we hit for him this morning. we were unsuccessful. he is right now a fugitive. >> reporter: police also tell us coming up at 5:30, you're going to hear what they say they believe happened inside the victim's home moments before he was killed. outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. we have new information about the unsolved murder of a truck driver in delaware county. police are looking for rodney shelton of north carolina. he's facing murder and robbery charges for the death of thomas child nearly one year ago. prosecutors believe shelton shot and killed child in the early morning hours of june 9th, 2015, outside ridgeway industries. shelton allegedly got away with
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tlaen less than $30 and a cell phone. skyforce 10 over an eight-vehicle pileup that tied up traffic along the schuylkill expressway today. see rescue crews working to get the victims into ambulances. the cars and a tractor trailer collided in the westbound lanes near mill creek road and lower merion township. now, take a look at this shot of several people riding a truck that had flipped on its side. nbc 10 is making calls to find out how many people were hurt. you might have heard about this one. in a sea of phillies fans police are trying to pinpoint the man who threw a beer bottle at slugger ryan howard during saturday's game. today we're hearing from the first baseman. nbc 10's tim furlong live at citizens bank park with more on what heard how to say. >> reporter: this time of the year we want to hear about phillies outfielders making floflow throws to the plate but we're hearing about the guy who threw an aluminum beer bottle. he hasn't been playing well for
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years, many say he should be released though the team owes him millions of dollars. the guy is a human being, nobody deserves there s that. i spoke to police, they're looking to get the phillies surveillance video of the incident not caught on the tv broadcast. ryan howard immediately called security over after it happened but the guy was able to get away. let's hear from ryan howard who just spoke in the club house then the phillies security director and the author who literally wrote the book on the phillies, "the phillies encyclopedia." >> everybody in whatever field they do, whether you change oil, work at a grocery store, whatever, if somebody threw a beer bottle at you, you'd be upset. i definitely do thing it personally. >> unfortunately, you do have to deal with situations like this at sporting events and it's unfortunate and, you know, luckily, they're few and far between. >> ryan howard is an icon in this city. and to treat him like that, after all he's done for this
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city, the greatest first baseman in phillies history, one of their great all-time home run hitters. to treat him like that is abominable. >> reporter: you're going to hear more from ryan howard at 5:00. the phillies get ready for the cubs tonight. we're going to keep checking with the police as well. also at 5:00, hear from fans, hear from third baseman maikel franco about this and including one guy who says he's been getting accused on social media of being the guy who did the throwing but he wasn't at the game saturday. live outside the ballpark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> the workweek of to a sunny and dry start. picture perfect day in the poconos. live picture. temperatures in the 80s. we had lower humidity. but a few showers could move our way. >> always changes. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your first look at
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your neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, denise. nothing like what we saw late yesterday and last night with those fierce thunderstorms that came through. we have mostly sunny skies across most of the area now. 84 in philadelphia. 85 in parts of new jersey. lehigh valley. delaware into the 80s as well. we do have a few light showers out by harrisburg. they're moving to the east and so there is the possibility that a couple spots could see a light shower during the evening hours, but for most of us, it's dry during the night, the humidity is down from what we saw even this morning. suburbs by tomorrow morning down to 96 6 5 degrees. nice start to the day. lehigh valley 65 degrees to start. most of the area with a fairment amount of clouds this evening but not a whole lot of clouds to start the day tomorrow. we have more showers and then a pretty significant cool down coming. i'll have that in a few minutes. now to decision 2016. where new jersey voters could seal bernie sanders' fate tomorrow in the race for the
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democratic presidential nomination. factoring in anticipated superdelegates, clinton is just 19 delegates away from the magic number to secure the nomination. there are 142 delegates at stake in new jersey's primary tomorrow. recent polls have clinton winning. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in voorhees with the final push for support for voters head to the polls. >> reporter: denise, democratic candidates have spn bn spebeen lot of time in california, but the eyes will be here in new jersey and both kcandidates making their final push today. this group of hillary clinton supporters is getting a talk from congressman palone. >> i'm going to various headquarters, here, trenton, getting people who are volunteering for hillary to get
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pepped up and going. >> reporter: it's a final push to make sure voters know it's time. >> you'd be surprised. there are some folks we call and they say, oh my gosh, it's tuesday, you know, and, oh, wow, i got to vote. >> reporter: bernie sanders supporters are also busy on the final pre-primary day. we met brandon of mt. laurel just back from canvassing. >> i'm going door to door knocking making sure that people know where their polling locations are and the primary is tomorrow. regardless of whether they're voting for senator bernie sanders or not. >> reporter: inside the colli s collingswood headquarters he came from kentucky to help on a journey that's wound through multiple states. >> i thought i'd be able to make phone calls, knock on the door, not help run an office in a state i've never been too before. it's a cool ride. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump is already the party ee's presumptive nomi. while thomas booth has plenty of donald trump cards and signs, he doesn't have a lot to do on the race today. >> well, for us it's really kind of a low-key day. we're sort of buying the popcorn
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and sitting back and watching the democrats pound heeach othe today. >> reporter: we'll have to see how that affects turnout but i can tell you there are a lot more voters who can calf ballots in this primary. i checked the voter rolls. there are 126,000 more registered voters here in new jersey than there were in january. live in voorhees, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. new jersey is one of six states holding primaries tomorrow including california, montana, new mexico and the dakotas. poll are open in new jersey starting at 6:00 a.m. and to check your registration status and look up your polling place, head to the nbc 10 app. speaking of garden state, we're going to talk about progress in atlantic city as two casualties at the resorts casino crisis are getting set to re-open doors. if you're looking for a job, you'll want to hear this story. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, has the
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details. >> been a lot of ups and downs. >> reporter: joel oglesby is a survivor, fire safety officer is a handful of showboat employees who remained on the job after its closure nearly two years ago. now they're getting ready for its rebirth. >> we're starting to feel good vibe with everything that's going on. >> reporter: new owner bart blatstein set to re-open showboat next month with more than 850 hotels rooms but not a casino. a job fair will be held tomorrow to fill close to 200 positions. >> we watched a lot of people leave and it was heartbreaking and maybe hopefully see some people come back will be very nice to see. >> i think it's better, not a casino. i think it will do better. >> reporter: why? >> because it will bring younger kids and families. >> reporter: the president of nearby steel pier is hoping that's true. he says the pier's business took a hit after showboat and the neighboring revel shut down in 2014. >> large percentage of our market came out of the showboat. it was a good hotel for
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families. we're very excited to see it re-open. >> reporter: construction is clearly visible outside the former revel casino. new owner glenn straub tells me he's still confident some amenities will open june 15th with more coming online in the following weeks. straub says a company that he won't yet name already established in atlantic city's gaming industry is handling the incoming workforce. >> because they are involved with casinos here in atlantic those people, take them from other ones they're working at right now so they don't have to go through hiring fairs. >> it's a beautiful place. so that in itself is exciting. >> that was nbc 10's ted greenberg reporting. if you want to work at showboat, we're told you need to apply in person at tomorrow's job fair. it's being held at the showboat from 1:00 to 7:00 at night. philadelphia police are looking for two suspects who shot a 17-year-old driver after
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trying to rob him. investigators say the suspects approached victim's car ain h in approached victim's car ain h n hunting park this morning. they tried to open the door, when they drove off, the suspects fired shots. one of the bullets went through the driver's side window hitting the victim. he was able to drive himself to st. christopher's hospital where he's in stable condition. ten year to day since someone murdered a south jersey women. police are renewing their efforts to find the killer. the body of desiree mcgraw was left at the fire company in deptford. that site is abandoned now. back in 2006, election workers at the firehouse found her body partially clothed. her family believes the young mother of two got wrapped up with drugs and a bad crowd. nbc 10 spoke with her sister today by phone from florida. >> somebody knows something obviously, and it's been ten years and we need justice. i mean, my father died not knowing who killed his daughter.
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i'm raising her daughter, my mother's raising her son. it's been really rough. ten years has been rough. our lives have changed forever. >> the gloucester county prosecutor's office and deptford police are offering an $8,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. we're learning more today about the funeral and memorial services happening this week for boxing legend muhammad ali. nbc 10's brandon hudson is joining us live in the digital operations center with more on how his hometown of louisville is preparing to remember his life and legacy. brandon? >> denise, the first of two services will be held on thursday. it will be an islamic funeral prayer service that will be held at freedom hall. that will be followed on friday by a 19 mile funeral procession through some of the area of louisville that helped form a young cassius clay before he was muhammad ali. a public service later in the day will feature eulogies from president bill clinton, comedian
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billy crystal and sportscaster brian gumbel. ali's daughter, laila, says the pain has been eased by the global outpouring of love and support. >> prepared mentally for many years that, you know, obviously if one day i was going to lose my father and the time has come and i think that the whole world is sad. anybody who ever loved him and so many people do. so i don't feel alone. >> ali also says her father will live on through her son. the reaction to ali's passing is being felt in our area as well. today at the wilmington library, antoine who won the gold in the 1919 96 1996 spoke to people about the benefits of good held chances. he was in atlanta as ali provided one of the most iconic moments of his life, lighting the olympic torch while battling parkinson's disease. that moment still resonates very strongly with maybank today. >> him being there made me realize what he's done and i've read about his history in the
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past. and the sacrifices, the decisions or choices that he's made that were difficult made it possible for me to achieve what i did. >> muhammad ali died friday in arizona at age 74 after a long battle with parkinson's disease. live in the digital operations center, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thank you. florida's governor, meanwhile, issued a state of emergency as tropical storm collin is threatening to make landfall within hours. you can hear that wind whipping as conditions worsened along clearwater beach this afternoon. the eye of the storm is expected to reach the state's gulf coast by tonight. eastern georgia and the carolina coast could see up to 8 inches of rain by the end of tomorrow. the storm wasn't enough to stop true love for a british couple. teran and stephanie davis flew from england to have a disney-themed wedding on
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clearwater beach. collin dumped heavy rain on the couple's nuptials. >> it could have been tornadoes, nothing was going to stop us today. regardless of weather. the good thing is we got the beach to ourself. look at the bright side. >> didn't rain too hard on them, though. look at that, they got the umbrella perfect. the couple took the time to pose for pictures in the pouring rain with their wedding party. >> that's what you call making the best out of things, right? >> no question about it. >> nothing but sunny skies for us. >> hopefully we don't have to deal with that. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joining us now. >> hey, keith, collin is going to be moving well south of us. it's going to race out to sea. but it's the third storm of the season. we've never been up to the "c" storm this early in the season in recorded history. so hurricane season's off to a fast start. now we just have a fair amount of sunshine today and lower humidity. the temperature, though, pretty uniform. 85 in allentown and mt. holly,
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vineland. also in atlantic city. that's because of a mostly westerly wind that we've seen. as we head into portions of new jersey, it's 85 degrees in palsgrove, audubon, lumberton at 85, florence 85. princeton at 83. but it's not as humid as it was yesterday. by the way, you can see your own forecast for the next seven days. the bottom of the screen at any time during the weathercast. not just for philadelphia anymore. you don't have to wait until the end. what we're seeing here, just isolated showers near harrisburg and some of the computer models suggest that a couple could come into parts of the area. this disturbance that's coming down across the great lakes may be having more of an impact especially on wednesday but we have a chance of a shower or two tonight and again tomorrow and again on wednesday. here's the futurecast for this
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evening. see just some isolated mainly light showers. mostly well north of philadelphia area, toward the lehigh valley and berks county. then as we go into tomorrow, we start off sunny and then again some isolated showers pop up. we can't get rid of this, but, again, it's nothing like yesterday. then on wednesday we actually have a fairly significant cold front comes in and that's when we have a little better chance of seeing some significant showers before that cooler weather comes in. and the cool change does start on wednesday. we are up to 85 today. 87 tomorrow. then look at that plunge. 71 degrees wednesday. and 76 degrees on thursday. there is collin. he's down in the gulf of mexico. the rain spreading up the coast toward north carolina. but it's not going to come this way. it's moving 17 miles an hour now. right across florida. and there it goes. right out to sea over the next couple of days.
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not getting anywhere near us. there's no way that it could come up the coast. here's what we do expect tomorrow. the best chance of any of those isolated showers as you saw is in the lehigh valley and some of the p.a. suburbs. so devon, lansdale have a decent chance. reading and allentown have the best chances with temperatures into the 80s tomorrow afternoon. and it's also in the 80s at the jersey shore because of a strong land breeze out of the west. 86 degrees in atlantic city. i'll be back with the ten-day forecast and see what, for example, the next weekend's going to be like in a few minutes. >> already looking forward to that, glenn, thank you so much. turns out a new culprit has emerged in the war on childhood obesity. >> still ahead, why doctors say celebrities are helping teams pack on the pounds. plus, calling all canines, the competition bringing police dogs from all over the country here to philadelphia. and straight ahead the message in a the bottle that's
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fwo gone from coast to coast and a story one little girl likely will never forget. first, before we go, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. a good day to start the week all across the board. we'll be right back.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is nbc 10 news. >> three years and more than 3,000 miles later -- >> a message in a bottle actually made its way from maine to spain. its journey began on a summer afternoon activity for then 11-year-old tara and her sister.
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the girls let a few bottles float way in the ocean and forgot about them after a few months. one of the bottles quietly bobbed its way on the sea until a fisherman off the coast of spain plucked it out of the water then wrote tara a letter. >> at first we were really surprised because we were like, wow, spain, that's far away. then we looked at the ocean currents and it makes sense how it goes. >> the fisherman also gave tara his e-mail address, too, saying it would be a faster way to communicate. that's true obviously, but not nearly as fun, dean niece, right? a woman's new refrigerator broke down before the warranty expired. >> she wasn't getting anywhere with the service calls so she called "nbc 10 responds." harry hairston fixed her problem and got her kitchen back in working order again. >> oh, my goodness. this is not the place for a fear of heights but i went up there, anyway. we're showing you what it's like at the top of the new comcast
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tower coming up on nbc 10 news at 5. spent more than 30 years in the public schools.
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we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> in today's nbc 10 response, a grandmother is frustrated after she opens up her freezer and finds her food is defrosted. >> repairmen come in, they can't seem to fix the problem so she turned to "nbc 10 responds" reporter harry hairston. >> this woman went one month without her refrigerator working. after she called us, she got more than just a fix. >> you hungry? you want to eat? >> reporter: there's nothing rose loves more than taking care
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of her grandson. >> you always want to eat or you want to play. >> reporter: when the refrigerator broke down last month, it made storing milk and food for baby thomas difficult. >> i've been without a refrigerato refrigerator, what do you do? >> reporter: she bought this kenmore elite from sears three years ago. it was still under warranty, called sears to get it fixed. 60 degrees inside there. she told us the first repairman couldn't fix the problem. a week after that, the problem was blamed on a backordered part. sears gave her this dorm refrigerator free of charge. while she waited. but she was at her whit's end. >> i want another refrigerator. i don't trust it. >> reporter: sears wasn't willing to replace it. so she called nbc 10 responds. >> i called because i needed help. i didn't know who else to turn to. >> reporter: when we reached out to sears, it told us she is a loyal customer and agreed to replace it with any fridge up to the $3,900 of her old one.
4:31 pm
she snapped this photo of sears making good on its promise to swap out her old fridge for the new one. and sent us this nbc 10 responds cam message. >> thank you to channel 10, harry, the whole bit, i don't know what we would have done without you. refrigerator was delivered today. we'll go grocery shopping, go on with our lives and i can't thank you enough. >> go ahead and fill that thing up with some food. the value of her new fridge, $3,899. we're going to take that amount and roowe're going to end it tor nbc 10 responds recovery counter standing at $34,455 in a little over a month of doing this. >> pretty amazing right there, right? >> to think about that, living without a refrigerator. >> that dorm fridge was not going to do. >> that wouldn't handle enough of my water to do the coffee machine.
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>> exactly, getting it done, man. you can reach harry and nbc 10 responds by heading to our website,, click on the nbc 10 responsds page. or call 6 10-668-7377. 610-668responds. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, she changed health care providers to save money but her former insurer wouldn't let go. what you can do to protect your account from unexpected withdrawals. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4. new jersey governor chris christie's approval rating at an all-time low. 63% of people polled in new jersey say christie is doing a bad job as governor. only 27% approve. another 41% believe new jersey is worse off because of christie's time as governor and 68% say he'll endorse donald
4:33 pm
trump for president in hopes of getting an appointment. pennsylvania governor not saying whether the state will meet its deadline in less than a month. both chambers are in session this week as they work to develop a spending plan by july 1st. the dispute over the current budget dragged on for most of the past year. wolfe let the legislation become law without his signature back in march. meanwhile a local congressman is calling on the federal government to look into tainted ground water near hundreds of military including naval air station will willowgrove. the congressman asked for a hearing after the epa tightened testing rules for contaminates in drinking water. people in horsham are worried about links from the tainted water and cancer and other illnesses. people living near the naval air center, warminster, have similar concerns. a solar airplane expected to continue its global journey tonight taking off from lehigh
4:34 pm
valley international airport. the solar impulse 2 has been in allentown since it successfully landed there nearly two weeks ago. it plans to take off around midnight and arrive at jfk airport in new york around 4:30 tomorrow morning. new york will be the plane's last stop in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic ocean to europe or northern africa. we have new information in the deadly stabbing of a young philadelphia mom. today, a judge sentenced her killer, keyarra frisby to 8 to 16 years in prison. she pleaded guilty earlier this year in the death of 17-year-old anita cotton. the young mom was stabbed to death last july in the parking lot of a walgreens in hunting park. from our trenton bureau, two police officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing after they shot and killed a stabbing suspect. today mercer county officials say the two hamilton township officers were justified for their actions back on april 1st.
4:35 pm
sean clyde who suffers from schizophrenia was shot by police who responded to this home on knotting hill lane. they witnessed clyde stabbing his father. each officer fired a shot after clyde refused to stop. he later died in the hospital. a quick thinking thief was able to get away with a philadelphia municipal truck in broad daylight. take a look at this video. the truck was parked at the bridge maintenance park last week. he took off while the city employee was inside the building. a snack maker's recalling some of its treats this afternoon. >> next the products that might contain peanuts when they shouldn't. plus -- targeting teenagers. how experts say celebrities are giving our nation's children dangerous habits. two-mile walk in a place like camden is going to be far different from a two-mile walk from cherry hill or morristown. >> is walking to school too
4:36 pm
dangerous in camden? tonight, there's a new push to protect students. see what local leaders are proposing coming up all new on "nbc 10 news at 5." prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ]
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this is nbc 10 news. >> federal reserve chair janet yellen is upbeat about the u.s. economy. she delivered a speech in center city today where she said interest rate hikes are coming. investors took notice when yellen refused to provide a timeline for said hikes. she hinted that last week's poor jobs report is cause for concern. a recall alert for some of your favorite snack cakes and doughnuts. hostess is recalling more than 700,000 cases of zingers, ding dongs and other cakes because they're made with flour that could contain trace of peanuts. anyone with a severe sensitivity to peanuts could be at risk for a serious or life-threatening reaction if they eat those cakes. soon be able to fly the
4:40 pm
entertaining skies with delta air lines. starting july 1st, the airline will offer all movie, tv shows and music free of charge to all passengers. delta claims it will be the only u.s. airline to offer all in-flight entertainment for free. speaking of entertainment, we all know this. kids and teens, they love listening to the loud music but it turns out now they're paying a pretty high price. a new study finds a quarter of 11 to 17-year-olds exposed to loud music had a persistent ringing in their ears and were more likely to be very sensitive to loud noises. that's a sign of hidden damage to the nerves which can lead to hearing impairment later in life. got a question for you, would u.s. teens be slimmer if their favorite music stars promoted healthier foods? >> researchers at new york university believe the hottest teen music heartthrobs may be contributing to the obesity epidemic. about 80% of celebrity endorsed food ads were high calorie products including fatty fast
4:41 pm
food, snacks and soda. the study does not prove a link but researchers say those ads can influence behavior and the results can have a negative impact. all right. turning to this now. some special dogs got to show off this morning. >> these canines shared their talents during a unique competition. we'll show you how they were putting their best paws forward next. and i'm tracking the chance for a few showers today, tomorrow, even more wednesday in some neighborhoods then a midweek cool down. that's next in my first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. ♪ >> a celebration of puerto rican culture kicked off in kenseth today with dancing and the annual san juan bautista flag
4:45 pm
raising ceremony. a month of celebrations of puerto rican culture in the city. >> we need to convey to our use the importance of our heritage and hopefully the flag will assist in this endeavor. >> the festivities wrap up with the san juan batista parade at the end of the month. the parade and ceremony have become time honored traditions in the city of camden. the best trained canines in the country, they're showing off their skills here in philadelphia. >> the university of pennsylvania police department and the penn vet working dog center are hosting the uspca national detector dog trials in grays ferry. more than 100 police canine teams take the test for detecting things like narcotics and explosives. the dogs can get individual awards and certification of their skills. >> when they go to court, if they've done a search on a vehicle or house, and they find drugs and the defense tries to
4:46 pm
suppress that evidence, you know, the dog is certified by an outside organization. >> another round of trials continues tomorrow. now your nbc 10 first alert weather neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we ended up the weekend with a bang. lots of thunderstorms, several reports of wind damage. things much quieter today, but still kind of warm. 84 in philadelphia. and mid 80s aro rosros roscross rest of the area though the humidity was lower than it was yesterday or even this morning. in northern delaware, it's pretty warm. newark, 84 degrees. wilmington, 86. odessa 87. middletown 85. you know the beaches, that's where it's normally very chilly. with the sea breeze, look at it today. when you have a strong west wind, bethany beach, 89 degrees. dewey beach, 85. lewis, 87 degrees.
4:47 pm
the wind direction is the key. pretty important for phillies, too, it's going to be blowing out tonight. it's going to be warm with the wind blowing out toward center or right center. ball's going to be flying out there. not too many showers flying around, kind of couple of isolated tiny showers around harrisburg. little bit more back across the great lakes with an upper air system that's going to be affecting us tomorrow and into wednesday. as you can see in the futurecast, nothing more than some of these isolated showers. tomorrow, similar story with the threat, especially toward lehigh valley, northern, western suburbs but very, very much isolated. most of us will not get rain going tonight or tomorrow. wednesday's a different story. i think we'll have a little bit more in the way of showers around maybe even a thunderstorm as that upper air system comes right over us. be very cold. high up in the atmosphere and that might even allow some thunderstorms with some hail
4:48 pm
during wednesday. now, during the day tomorrow, the best chance of any showers north and west of philadelphia, the p.a. suburbs like devon at 83, lansdale at 85, allentown and reading brief chance. most of the day is going to be dry. at the shore it's going to be warm again because of the west wind. rehoboth beach into the 80s as well. now, we have a tropical storm, the third storm of the season and it's just the beginning of the season. this has never happened again to the "c" storm so far. tremendous rains all the way up to north carolina but we're very confident that this storm, colin, is not going to come up the coast. going be moving out to sea very quickly. why are we that confident? look at the computer models. almost all in agreement that it goes over north carolina coast and straight out there. so i'm not concerned about any
4:49 pm
kind of impact up this way. now, as far as our ten-day forecast concern, the best chance of any kind of shower or storm for the rest of the week would be on wednesday. look at the temperature drop. 87 degrees tomorrow. 71 for the high on wednesday. that's pretty cool for this time of the year. the average high is 80. 76 on thursday with morning lows in the 50s. and even 40s in some of the s suburb suburbs. warming up as we head toward the weekend. can't promise you a totally dry weekend, but doesn't look like anything really heavy or significant and we're into the mid 80s by early next week before we get some more thunderstorms by next tuesday. >> all right, glenn, thank you. nbc 10 and nbc universal giving away grants to local non-profit organizations. we call it 21st century solutions and the goal is to support non-profits implementing new and innovative programs. find the application on our website,
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the deadline to apply is august 26th. well, thousands of democrats will descend on philadelphia this summer for the democratic national convention and we're finding out just where all those people will stay. next, nbc 10's deanna durante has more on the impact people in the suburbs will feel. and what towns will have more visitors and bustle than others. >> this is nbc 10. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at we're exactly seven weeks away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. >> hotels, they're booking up. may be wondering just how packed it's going to get when all those
4:54 pm
people come to town. nbc 10's deanna durante live in king of prussia. you found out how the suburbs are cashing in and where all the visitors are staying. >> reporter: a big chunk of them will be in the king of prussia area. one of the main reasons, this place, a shopping destination that many people will be traveling across the country and hope to get a chance to see. that is when they're not down in the city at the convention. from donkeys. to buttons. when it came to luring democratic national convention planners, tourism officials in montgomery county say they did something right. >> $17 million impact for montgomery county, so, again, it just came together and it just kept increasing and increasing and increasing. >> reporter: from alabama to guam, all will be staying in montgomery county hotels. >> we want the hotels filled. >> reporter: they will be. the delegates are booking family travel and coming before the convention and staying longer. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: the team at the valley forge convention and
4:55 pm
visitors bureau says work didn't just begin to get 20 delegations here. he said his team traveled to the dnc meeting last summer and host committees came here and toured the area. >> when delegates came up and toured, they fell in love. >> reporter: delegates have already gotten the campaign-like buttons that direct you go for all things montgomery county, golf balls tout 50 fwofl courgo in the area. major selling points include valley forge national park and easy access from the area. talk about that access, the delegations staying out here in the suburbs will have a police escort to get them to the convention center on time. we've also checked in with some other area convention and visitors bureaus to talk about how many spillover delegates they think they may have. we'll include that coming up at 5:00. for now, live in king of prussia, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. next all new on "nbc 10 news at 5," are students being put at risk just by walking to school? >> kids specifically told,
4:56 pm
either join a gang or get beat up every day. >> how leaders in camden are making a new push to protect students. plus ryan howard speaks his mind. the phillies slugger has a message for the fan who threw a bottle l at him on the field. that's coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
4:57 pm
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
4:58 pm
right now at 5:00, who threw the bottle? tonight the mystery continues but phillies slugger ryan howard
4:59 pm
now has a message for the fan responsible. plus, off the hook. why investigators say the mom whose son fell in a gorilla exhibit will not be charged. first, walking a mile or two in their shoes. students in camden say they are at risk every day just by walking to school. now local leaders with pushing lawmakers to protect their children. "nbc 10 news at 5" starts right now. good evening, i'm keith jones. supporters say a simple change could save the lives of camden students. so school leaders, police, and activities came together to send a message by taking a walk. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long was there. cydney, how long was it? >> reporter: keith, i can tell you we walked by abandoned homes in desolate areas like this known for drug and gang activity and the 20 to 40 minute walk creates a window of opportunity for criminals to prey on them. of course, with the heavy presence of police today and all
5:00 pm
our news cameras, we didn't encounter any violence. for this junior, it's not up hill to school both ways and back in camden, it's worse. >> it's like really, really scary because i've never witnessed anything like it. i've heard gunshots before. i've never, like, seen somebody get shot. >> a two-mile walk in a place like camden is going to be far different than the two-mile walk in cherry hill or morristown. >> reporter: today the superintendent, police and assemblyman arthur barclay walked two miles. >> for the gang task force, sun someone specifically told us, get beat up every day or join a gang. >> we really need to go above and beyond. >> reporter: right now new jersey doesn't subsidize school transportation costs for ud


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